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Why Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer With A Background In Criminal Defense?

Personal Injury Lawyers Excel At Getting Judge And Juries On Your Side


Prior to establishing his Georgia personal injury practice, J. Scott Key was one of Georgia’s leading criminal defense attorneys. This background makes him uniquely qualified to deliver outstanding results for his personal injury clients.

As a seasoned trial lawyer, Scott excels at persuading judges and juries to side with his clients at the highest state and federal courts. He has a long record of precedent-setting victories under his belt.

But Scott is just as formidable across the negotiation table as he is before judge and jury.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to win the war without going to battle. Scott has mastered every tool and avenue for achieving the best result—and with extensive connections at all levels of the state judiciary, he knows exactly what it takes to win in Georgia.

Areas Of Practice

Scott takes a strong interest in personal injury cases in which criminal negligence and other crimes play a role.

As a personal injury lawyer with a background in criminal law, Scott has an in-depth understanding of police procedures and the dynamics of these cases.

There’s a science to working effectively with expert witnesses, law enforcement, victims of crime, and others to build an unshakeable case—and Scott’s expertise in this area is second to none. Areas of practice include:


Wrongful Death


Premises Liability

slip and fall accident

slip and fall


Product Liability


Vehicular Homomicide


Negligent Security


Nursing Home Negligence


Civil Rights Actions

This is a selected list and does not represent the whole of Scott’s practice.
If you have a legal matter you’d like to discuss with Scott—regardless of whether it falls into these categories—please get in touch.


“I cannot overstate what a thoughtful, creative lawyer Scott is—or how grateful our clients have been for his advocacy and care.”

Sarah Gerwig-Moore
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs,
Mercer University Law School
(Formerly at Georgia Indigent Defense Counsel, Appellate Division)

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