Appellate Law

“The odds are against you in appellate court. That’s what makes these wins so satisfying.”

J. Scott Key


As one of the most accomplished appellate lawyers in the state of Georgia, Scott offers specialized expertise in winning high-stakes appeals. His arguments have overturned murder verdicts, reshaped state constitutional law, and saved clients’ lives.

Notable Appeals Victories:


Elliott vs. State

Scott argued that penalizing someone for exercising a constitutional right—such as refusing a drug test—was unconstitutional. The appeals court unanimously agreed, striking down part of Georgia’s Implied Consent statute.


Neuman vs. State

Arguing that the original court had erred in admitting evidence that was protected by attorney-client privilege, Scott persuaded the appeals court to reverse a murder conviction.


Ellington vs. State

As Amicus counsel, Scott argued successfully for a death sentence to be overturned on appeal.



Scott safeguarded a high-profile divorce ruling, arguing convincingly that property had been fairly distributed in the original verdict.


State vs. D.H.

Scott persuaded the Superior Court of Fayette County to re-sentence an overly-harsh judgment for arson in the 3rd degree.


Darst vs. State

Scott convinced the courts to overturn a 60-year sentence on appeal and redefine the standard of care with regard to expert witnesses.



Scott’s argument reversed a major punitive judgment award in a contract dispute.


For Clients


When the trial concludes and the judge hands down a decision, the process isn’t always over. Either you or your opponent may challenge the verdict before the court of appeals.

Scott has extensive experience building cases that will stand up against any and all opposition. If you received a favorable trial verdict and your opponent appeals it, Scott will defend your ruling against even the most formidable challenges.

And if the verdict didn’t go your way, Scott will continue the fight. He has pursued unfavorable rulings all the way to the US Supreme Court and achieved stunning victories in cases most believed to be unwinnable.

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For Attorneys


Scott considers it an honor to assist his fellow attorneys in their important work.

He regularly consults with attorneys involved in complex trial cases where an appeal is anticipated, as well as those who’ve lost a case and plan to appeal.

He routinely operates as embedded appellate counsel, where his work includes:

  • Assisting in voir dire examinations of witnesses and jurors
  • Drafting pre-trial motions and points for oral arguments
  • Preparing precise language to stand up in appeal
  • Arguing powerfully and persuasively before appellate courts
  • Handling all aspects of the appeals process

Scott’s aim is always to help you shine, lift the burden so you can focus on your legal strengths, and work with you to achieve the best result for your client.

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“We first worked together on a high-profile criminal matter where we represented a local law enforcement officer who was being unfairly prosecuted. I brought Scott in to assist with a motion to dismiss an indictment, based upon unqualified grand jurors. This case had serious political implications involving the recusal of local judges. I later brought in Scott on a complex appellate matter. Both were resolved favorably with Scott’s assistance. Scott brings a serious analytical dimension to any case. And while Scott is not afraid to take on any case, his diplomatic skills are second-to-none as he does all he can to find a negotiated solution at the same time that he prepares to be an absolute ninja in the courtroom.”

Dwayne Singleton

Attorney At Law

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