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Today, I had the honor to be interviewed by Celeste Headlee, the host of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s On Second Thought. We talked about the Georgia Supreme Court’s recent set of cases, both criminal and civil. Check out today’s show. Listen to the whole thing of skip to minute 30 for my segment on the cases. Thanks to Celeste and producer Sean Powers for inviting me on and for their thorough preparation.

In other news, I and co-counsel are celebrating a huge win in the Hemy Neuman case before the Georgia Supreme Court earlier this month. Opposing counsel has filed a motion for reconsideration, so my celebration will be muted for a few more weeks awaiting the final outcome.

I am now the co-editor of What’s the Decision, a publication for the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I will be reporting on 11th Circuit decisions.

It’s been a busy and fantastic time.

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