Up and Running in a New Space

Appellate lawyers can work pretty much anywhere. We’re the professional writers and advisors of the legal world. I’m writing this post from my home office at 5:30 a.m.

At the same time, there is something to be said for where you do business and where the shingle hangs. This week, the shingle has moved. The Fulton Daily Report did an article about the move. The article is behind a pay wall, but it is quite good if you can read it.

Starting today, my practice is in the same office as Peters Rubin & Sheffield. I still have my own practice. And in that practice, I am doing the same things and going to the same places. Most of the real work of crafting briefs and pleadings is done in this chair at approximately this time. I live pretty far from metro Atlanta and commute in.

But moving the shingle is a significant event, because it changes the people you see everyday. I went solo about 5 years ago vowing always to be solo. Then I worked on an amicus project on a case where Doug was counsel. From there, I began working with his partners, Bob and Jason. We have been working on cases for a few years now. For instance, I worked very hard behind the scenes in State v. Hemy Neuman, and I am contining my work on that case for the appeal. And, while I still have my solo practice, I am working closely with Peters, Rubin & Sheffield on some great cases in addition to my own great cases.

I am with them on so many cases now, that it made sense to move my office to Decatur. And while my practice continues to grow alongside theirs, the fundamentals remain the same.

Our phone number remains the same. Our email is the same. And this blog will continue to be here. Most importantly, I’ll still be here early in the morning, doing the craft. My clients come to me from all over the State, so some of them may not notice that the shingle has moved. For everyone else, I make this announcement. And I’ll see you soon at the new digs.

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