The Future of Twitter

Over at Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield has a post about the future of Twitter (with a scatalogical title). In summary, the problem with Twitter and several other “tools” is that, while it has attracted many eyeballs, it is difficult to turn those eyeballs into money.

I can’t speak to the broader economic trends. I can only speak to my use of Twitter and how it is changing. In the broader sense, I’m making similar changes in my use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ve not quit these services (yet). I have, however, taken all of the apps related to these sites off of my phone. At a practical level, it is difficult to write briefs and prepare for court when the Siren’s call of these things is a click away. And with all of these services, I’m reminding myself that I’m not the customer; I’m the product.

I’m getting more work done, I don’t miss these things one bit.

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