GPDSC’s First Executive Director Weighs In

Aly Palmer, a reporter with the Fulton Daily Report, read the exchanges of the last few days and reported on it at the ATLaw Blog. Michael Mears, an Associate Professor at the John Marshall School of Law and the man who was GPDSC’s very first Executive Directer when it was created, wrote a very thoughtful comment. I’ll quote a passage from it here:

Scott Key is absolutely correct that the current executive branch decision of the governor’s public defender agency creates dual standards, one standard for those criminally charged individuals with money and the clients of the public defender office.

He goes on to note the number of ways that the executive branch’s decision runs afoul of ethical standards, not just the Georgia Rules of Professional Responsibility, but also ABA standards and standard for how Federal defenders should conduct themselves in conflict cases. And Professor Mears says that nothing less than the credibility of GPDSC is at stake in this question.

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