First Mondays is My Favorite New Podcast

I’ve been hearing about First Mondays for quite some time. First Mondays is a podcast covering the United States Supreme Court. They record each week that the Court is in session. The co-hosts are both former SCOTUS clerks. I’ve only listened to one episode, the one for this week. But I’ve subscribed will become a regular listener.

As an appellate lawyer, I like the way the hosts anaylze briefs on cases to be argued and give their opinion about what made the question presented good. They go “inside baseball” enough to help me improve as a practitioner.  I also like the coverage. It can be difficult to keep up with the docket, and this podcast will help me stay current without getting bogged down.

But this is also a podcast that I’d recommend for a non-lawyer who is interested in the Court and cases on the docket. The podcast is accessible for a non-lawyer. In today’s episodes, for instance, the hosts quizzed each other on  questions presented from famous cases. The trick was that they used words from among the 1,000 most common words in the English language.

I will be taking this podcast with me on future commutes and runs.

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