Hames Case From Ga. Supreme Court Haunts Original Lawyer

  The Walton County Examiner features an interview with Anthony Carter, Joshua Hames’s original lawyer. Mr. Hames just had his conviction for felony murder related to a hunting accident over seven years ago, reversed on appeal In that interview, Mr. Carter explains that the case still haunts him and that he followed it after he…

Hodges: Rival Attorney General Candidate is Sleazy

As I predicted a few days ago, the Attorney General race has made a decidedly ugly turn. Mr. Hodges has responded with an attack ad of his own, referring to the fact that a newspaper (check out the source: it’s Creative Loafing, available on the news-stand outside your local head shop or artsy pizza joint)…

Supreme Court of Georgia Changes Approach to Sentencing After Appeal

In Adams v. State.pdf, the Supreme Court of Georgia held that it is appropriate for a sentencing judge, after a reversal for judicial error, to impose a greater sentence on an individual count as long as the sentence in the aggregate is not increased. The dissent, consisting of three justices, reasons that the Court’s holding…

Superior Court Judge Says Georgia Indigent Defense is Broken

Before today, I had never seen an Order styled “Court’s Analysis of Indigent Defense System.” Judge J. David Roper of Richmond County, Georgia entered this document into the record on the same day that he entered a consent order involving a suit between the Southern Center for Human Rights and the Georgia Public Defender Standards…

Passing of Former Chief Justice of Georgia Supreme Court

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports that Harold Nelson Hill, Jr., former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice, passed away at his lake home on July 5. Senior U.S. District Court Judge Willis Hunt called him “a stellar member of the Supreme Court.” Justice Hill began serving on the Supreme Court in 1975 and served as…

Campaign for Georgia’s Attorney General Taking Ugly Turn

The Huffington Post reports that Rob Teilhet, a democratic candidate running for Georgia state attorney general is about to unroll a controversial ad accusing his primary opponent and elected district attorney from Albany, Georgia, that allowed a police officer to go free for the murder of Kenneth Walker. The ad features Mr. Walker’s mother narrating…

Grand Jury Investigation Questions Georgia Court Reporter Fees

The Atlanta Journal reports that a Cobb County, Georgia, grand jury has serious concerns about the fact that court reporters in that county earn a salary and also charge the county and private attorneys highway robbery fees to produce transcripts. The article evokes all sorts of thoughts for me about the frustrations that accompany getting…

Jamie Weis Appeal Puts Georgia’s Criminal Justice System on Trial

Adam Liptak’s recent editorial in the New York Times will provide comfort for those of us who have watched the legislature and governor gut indigent defense in Georgia and attack the judiciary systematically. At the same time, it is a little embarrassing to read about the system that I love so much and wonder what…

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