Bringing the Case into Focus with Robin Frazer Clark

Robin Frazer Clark says at the heart of being an injury lawyer is helping people in the worst of times. Find out more in episode #12 of The Advocate's Key.
Simplicity: A Recipe for Successful Litigation

Simplicity: A Recipe for Successful Litigation

What does Michael Pollen’s Cooked and The Rules of the Road by Friedman and Malone have to do with litigation?
3 Apps We Use to Get Things Done in Our Law Office

3 Apps We Use to Get Things Done in Our Law Office

The more things changed for us during the pandemic, the more they stayed the same. We are a small but nimble office. We were perfecting the art of remote and distributed work before the 2020 came and forced the rest of the world to move in that direction.
Top Law and Non-Law Podcasts

Top 5 Law and Non-Law Podcasts

Here is a selection of my favorite law and non-law podcasts that I enjoy listening to. You might find something you haven't heard before.
McDonough Product Liability Lawyer

McDonough Product Liability Lawyer

It is a sad fact that all consumer products are not safe for use. Occasionally, a product is released to the public that could – or does – hurt the buyer or someone they know. When do you seek an attorney to help you?
Slip and Fall McDonough Lawyer

McDonough Slip and Fall Lawyer

In Henry County, property owners are required to keep their premises safe, but happens when they don't. You might need a lawyer to help you.
Advocate's Key Legal Podcast

Three Lessons From My Legal Podcast

The Advocate’s Key, my podcast, is as much for me as it is for the audience who listens to it. I choose guests because I want to learn from them or because I’m curious about their story.
mcdonough slip and fall accident

McDonough Man Injured in Slip and Fall Accident

Drew had been looking forward to Friday all week until he slipped and fell while walking. Who's fault was it?
how to prepare for a legal deposition

How to Prepare For a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case

Six months ago, you were in a car accident on Macon Street in McDonough. Another vehicle struck you from behind, and since then you have suffered from excruciating back pain. Today, you received a notice of deposition – what does that mean?
troubled blood detective book

How Troubled Blood Can Help Lawyers

Cormoran Strike, the private detective in the book Troubled Blood, has a few things to teach lawyers about litigation and discovery.