Embracing the Legal Fundamentals
with William Maselli

Criminal defense attorney William Maselli

In this episode, the Maine-based criminal defense attorney breaks down broad legal principles and how these fundamentals can help shape the work you do in the courtroom. He also dives into the importance of collaboration and what his work as a composer has taught him about the practice of law.

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Tom Withers: Mapping Out Your Trial

Tom Withers - The Advocates Key Podcast - Episode 15

Savannah-based attorney Tom Withers explains how he outlines his case from start to finish by creating a road map for everything from deposition to demonstratives. He also shares how he manages high profile cases, client expectations, and what to do with unexpected surprises.

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Steve Murrin: Connecting with Your Clients

Steve Murrin The Bike Lawyer on The Advocate's Key Podcast

When you begin your own practice, you need to learn how to market yourself. After years of handing out business cards and writing out hand-written letters, Steve Murrin, the “Biker Lawyer,” has adapted his civil practice to reach people across social media and through word of mouth. Murrin shares how he uses his passion for Harleys to connect with potential clients and the need-to-knows for building your client base.

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Robin Frazer Clark: Bringing the Case into Focus


When Robin Frazer Clark set out to begin her own practice, she knew it would take patience, drive and, most of all, focus to pull it off. After 33 years of successful civil advocacy, she’s got plenty of advice on how to prevail. In this episode, Scott guides us through the benefits of preparing with a focus group, the importance of getting involved in the professional community, and some ways you can protect the mental health of your colleagues.

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